Hi! I’m Lital

Entrepreneur and veteran technologist who helps freelancers and executives
build their game project at high quality and on-time!
I’m running debox, a unique consultant business.
During the past 18 years I have been involved in many technologically-advanced projects.
I also love teaching and talking about game architecture and workflow management!

Gorilla Game Backend


Gorilla game backend helps your game  development by Offering out-of-the-box solutions such as account storage and management, session management, authentication and security


Enhancing the experience with lobby services such as friend invites and friend-list keeping, lobby chat services, queue match making, party management


Keeping your game online with an authoritative-game server deployment and management system
Everything scalable and ready to work


Works with standard protocols such as HTTP and websockets, work with any programming langauge


Special client package for Unity 3D for easy integration with a few clicks and drag-drops


Use only what you need – Gorilla is modular and slim just as it is scalable and reliable

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